While we normally work with teachers and community organizations to create theatre based on their needs, we also have two interactive dramas that are "ready to go" and yet are flexible to the participants' needs. Check them out:

TIE Piece: Books Got Talent

Four books are competing against Kindle Ken on the fictional show, Books Got Talent to claim their relevancy in an age where digital reading is more and more prevalent. But then something happens just as he's about to win: Kindle Ken gets a virus and loses his memory! The books and Ken go on a journey to retrieve his memories and to save all books from The Bin Of Irrelevance and they need the students' help to do it!

Books Got Talent is an interactive drama piece geared towards elementary students in 2nd-4th grade that asks students to think about the role of books and technology in their lives. We can work with you to create book-characters that are relevant to your curriculum or library program. This drama is fun, interactive, and thoughtful. 


Process Drama: The Arab Spring

The Arab Spring Process Drama is an interactive drama created for middle school, high school, and college students that explores the events leading up to the Tunisian Revolution of 2011. Through placing students in role as Tunisians who have to make difficult choices leading up to the revolution, students learn about this historical event by "living through" and in turn, reflect on parallels to their own lives. Performed at national conferences and throughout the Triangle, this process drama is incredibly impactful for students. To read more about the performance history, theory, and the drama breakdown, click here.